City of Fennville : A Place To Grow


Taxes are due twice annually in the City of Fennville. They are mailed out in July delinquent taxes are sent to Allegan County for collection. For further information, contact the Treasurer at (269) 561-8321.

Brush Pick-Up Policy
Revised Brush pick-up policy March 2004:  The City will pick up on the first Monday of every month or immediately after a storm. Please have brush at curbside no more than two days before pick-up.  Small limbs and twigs should be in bundles for easy pick up.  Leaves and grass clippings should be placed in bags.  All other limbs shall not exceed 4" in diameter or 8' in length.  Pick-up will be limited to dead wood, or storm damage.  THE CITY WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LARGE AMOUNTS OF BRUSH FROM TREE TRIMMING, TREE REMOVAL, OR CLEARING OF A LOT. Property owners should contact a tree service for excessive brush removal.

Please place your leaves near the curb but not in the road.  When spring comes, more leaves will have fallen, they will be picked up if they are bagged.

City Of Fennville Policy For Commercial Snow Removal

  1. It is a violation of city policy to plow snow onto city property, onto sidewalks, or on the right of way. Snow must be plowed onto the resident's private property.
  2. Snow removed from walks and drives cannot be placed near the roadway in such a manner that it is an obstacle to visibility for traffic.
  3. Snow plow operators who damage city properties, including holiday lights and decorations, are liable for those damages.
  4. It is a violation of city policy to pile snow in areas that have been set aside for holiday decorations; piles of dirty snow detract from these areas.

City of Fennville Mailbox Policy
Effective january 18, 1999

If mailbox is knocked from the post by weight and force of snow as plow passes, owner is expected to put the box back on the post, however, if the box (and/or post) is destroyed by the city vehicle, City will replace with standard mailbox or reimburse $15.00 per post and $15.00 toward cost of residents purchase of box, thereby restoring ability to receive

Mailboxes: Please remember to allow clearance for our snowplows when you set mailbox posts. Make sure both the box and the post are set well back from the curb!

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